Photoshop Basics: Master Noise Reduction within 7 Minutes.

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This tutorial is the perfect follow-up lesson to one we posted this morning. How to take beautiful night sky pictures. If you’re taking pictures of nightscapes, or low-light scenes in general, you will have to deal with high ISO settings.

This video is part of a series. Photographer James VooghtHe describes the different aspects of shooting landscapes at high ISOs. His goal is to assist you in working You can also find out more aboutThese situations rather than The following are some examples of the use ofVooght explains all the basics of Vooght in just seven minutes.

Vooght offers several useful tools and tips. He also discusses noise and what forms of this ugly artifact you are likely to encounter. He says that “the processing methods you will learn today are the techniques I use in my photos to mitigate noise.” This workflow can be used in conjunction with the other tutorials from this series on Vooght’s YouTube channel.

The lesson will focus on two types: color noise and luminance-noise. Understanding the differences makes it easier to follow the tips for editing that follow. According to Vooght: “Both types have their unique properties and are dealt with in a much different way.”

Before beginning any editing, it is important to carefully evaluate the level of noise in the photo. Vooght explains how to do this, starting by zooming into the photo. Warning: Stop enlarging a shot as soon as you can clearly see noise. This is because “if you zoom too far and try to correct the noise at a higher level, you might encounter so much pixilation it can’t be fixed.”

Photoshop provides  number of Camera Raw options for eliminating, or at least reducing, noise in your images and Vooght explains what they are and how to use them. The AI Noise Reduction tool is located in the Details panel and can be activated with a single click. However, there are many other ways to achieve the same results without relying on artificial intelligence.

The last tool is the Reduce Noise Filter, which can be found in the Filter section. You will be presented with four simple sliders that you can use to clean up your shot. As you can see, there is also an advanced feature where you can adjust the noise based on a RGB channel breakdown.

You can learn more about Vooght YouTube channel – Vooght – Vooght – Vooght – Vooght teaches you how to use YouTubeWhere you can watch older episodes of the series.

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