Michael Frye Photography – My Top Photographs for 2023

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The votes have been counted and here are the top photos of 2023.

We had a great turnout this year. 478 people browsed through my initial selectionThe 45 images were voted upon by the viewers. Thank you to all who took the time and looked at these photos, and gave their opinions. I also appreciate the kind words that were posted in the comments and sent via email. I wish I could respond to everyone, but please know that I’ve read them all and am very grateful for all your support.

To express our gratitude we’re giving away a print to one of the voters. We assigned numbers to each voter, and then used a random number generator for the selection. And the winner is… Brad Rank! Brad will receive a signed and numbered 16×20 print of his choice from among the 45 original selections. Congratulations Brad!

I decided to make this final list a top twelve, rather than a top ten, because two of my favorites didn’t quite make the top ten. Number 17, Death Valley, late afternoon light on mud tilesNumber 11 and. Coast Ranges, Yellow Fingers, were 14th and 15th in the voting, respectively, but I feel pretty strongly that they’re two of my best images of the year, so I’m including them in the final twelve. So here’s the list of my top twelve images from 2022:

1. Image #39, Crashing Wave, Washington Coast, 241 votes
2. Image #24, Redwoods with ferns and rhododendrons on the Northern California coast, 203 Votes
3. Image #3, Frosted cottonwood, Mono Lake, California, 173 votes
4. Image #26, Melting ice in an alpine Lake, Inyo NF. California, 169 votes
5. Image #13, Desert Candles above a flower filled arroyo in the Coast Ranges of California, 155 votes
6. Image #29: White-lined sphinx and larkspur in Yosemite National Park, California. 136 votes
7. Image #18, Star trails on sand dunes in Death Valley NP, California. 132 votes
8. Image #14 – Stream rivulets on salt flats in Death Valley National Park, California, 121 Votes
8. Image #22, Evening lights on lupines, oaks and redwoods, Redwood National Park, California, 121 Votes
10. Image #34, Swirling leaves, Inyo NF, California, 110 votes
11. Image #17: Mud tiles in late light, Death Valley National Park, California, 87 Votes
12. Image #11, Fingers yellow, Coast Ranges in California, 83 Votes

In case you’re curious, numbers 33, 8, and 32 were 11th, 12th, and 13th in the voting.

The image that received most votes (number 38, Crashing wave on Washington coast), is one I’d never posted before, so I didn’t know how people would react to it, but I’m glad so many of you like it!

The final selection includes a wide variety of images – even a wildlife photograph. There aren’t really any grand, epic landscapes in the top twelve, but then there weren’t many among the nominees, mainly because the opportunities to make those kinds of images didn’t often present themselves last year. But overall I think it’s a great collection. Good work everyone! 🙂

I want to thank you for your participation. This has been really fun for me, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it also. Here are the top 12 images:

39. Crashing wave on Washington coast

24. Redwoods, ferns, and rhododendrons, northern California coast

24. Northern California coast: ferns and rhododendrons.

3. Frosted cottonwood, Mono Lake, California

3. Frosted cottonwood, Mono Lake, California

26. Melting ice on an alpine lake, Inyo NF, California

26. Melting ice in an alpine Lake, Inyo NF (California)

13. Desert candles above a flower-filled arroyo, Coast Ranges, California

13. Desert candles above a flower filled arroyo in the Coast Ranges of California

29. White-lined sphinx moth and larkspur, Yosemite NP, California

29. White-lined sphinx and larkspur in Yosemite National Park, California

18. Star trails over sand dunes, Death Valley NP, California

18. Star trails over sand-dunes, Death Valley National Park, California

22. Evening light on lupines and oaks, Redwood NP, California

22. Evening light on lupines & oaks, Redwood NP. California

14. Stream rivulets in salt flats, Death Valley NP, California

14. Death Valley National Park in California, rivulets of water on the salt flats

34. Swirling leaves, Inyo NF, California

34. Inyo National Forest, California

17. Mud tiles in late-afternoon light, Death Valley NP, California

17. Death Valley National Park in California.

11. Fingers of yellow, Coast Ranges, California

11. Coast Ranges, California, Fingers of yellow

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Michael Frye, a professional landscape and nature photographer, specializes in landscapes. He is also the author or photographer of The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite, Yosemite Meditations, Yosemite meditations for women, Yosemite – Meditations for Adventurers, Digital Landscape Photography: Following in the footsteps of Ansel Adam and the Great Masters. He has also authored three eBooks. Light & Land: Landscapes in the Digital Darkroom, Exposure for Outdoor Photography, Landscapes in Lightroom, The Essential Guide. Michael has published numerous magazine articles about the art and techniques of photography. His images have appeared in over 30 countries around the globe. Michael has lived in or near Yosemite National Park, California, since 1983. He currently lives just outside the park, in Mariposa.

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